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Virtual reality Galerie Na shledanou/See you later Gallery

We have specific place, socialistic funeral hall in small town Volyně in Czech republic. The gallery was founded in 2010 for the contemporary art. We have been transfering context of our funeral gallery to the virtual reality since 2015.

Virtual reality represents our idea from the real gallery in the digital gallery in virtual reality (htc vive). Some part of this virtual reality are about gallery with surrounding (cemetery and church)  some of them are about our topics - (death and ecology) and two parts were developed with the cooperation with two czech contemporary artitsts like a independent pieces - painter Josef Bolf (teacher at Academy of Applied Art in Prague) and Daniel Vlček, painter and musician. Important person of our all VR projects is Vojtěch Rada, sculptor and 3D  architect, leader of project is Jan Freiberg, curator of the gallery.

Trailer in english here

Spannunsbogen were originally set up within another five pieces to create entire virtual
reality of See You Later Gallery (Galerie Na shledanou). Real cemetery gallery was
transformed to virtual reality also within it´s surrounding – cemetery, cemetery church
and also selected exhibitions.
Spannungsbogen is scene from purple housing estate based on existencial painting of
Josef Bolf. This become scene for existentialy tense roam around in this digital
environment. Footbridges and underpasses lead to nowhere. The only one open door
lead to dark inside of block of flats. Through dark corridors to gloomy flat, where among
digital furniture lie digital dead bodies of animals. You will see picture on one wall, if you
will enter it, you will stand in the room where tragic figures from Bolf´s paintings are
Josef Bolf is the author of audioguide. Through his words postapocalyptic scene is
opening, situated to the time of his maturing. To the period of threat of world nuclear
war, which was nightmare for one whole generation of socialistic children, born in
government period of president Husák.

Our second project is virtual reality of cubictic crematory from Ostrava city. Itís running just now. It is very famous building.  We make digital representation of this house (comunist destroy them in 1979) and we want to show this type of architecture like the symbol the disappearance belief in God. Same technology, programing in Unity and presentation in HTC Vive. Artist Votěch Rada.

Third project wil be finished at the end of 2019, cooperation with Andrej Boleslavský, dystopian vision about ecological destroying Mars after human colonization.

VR See You Later Gallery aims to develop further into an interactive artistic and
environmental artwork for schools and the public and establish residencies for artists
working with VR.

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